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Socializing Economic Relationships - New Perspectives and Methods for Analysing Transnational Risk Regulation

Thursday, 15th to Friday, 16th of April 2010 a the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University, UK
Co-ordinators: Bettina Lange, Oxford University and Dania Thomas, Keele University

The purpose of this international and multi-disciplinary workshop is to stimulate debate about innovative forms of regulating transnational economic and social risks. It thereby links to current public policy debates about causes of and solutions to the financial crisis.

The starting point for the workshop are the insights of Karl Polanyi’s work, an
economic historian, who in the early 1940’s set out in his book ‘The Great Transformation’ a powerful critique of market liberalism and its belief in the self-regulation of economic activity both in a national and global context.

In particular, the workshop will address four sets of questions:

* whether and how economic relationships can and should be embedded in social relations.
* how markets can be regulated by private actors - a theme less explored in Polanyi’s work.
* whether global economic and social interdependencies promote or hinder the embedding of economic in social relationships.
* what methodological challenges are posed by the decline of the nation state in transnational risk regulation?

The workshop is supported by the UK Socio-Legal Studies Association.

Themes for panels include:

‘Corporate Governance: The Relevance of Identity, Culture and Community’
‘International Finance: Relocating the “Social”’,
‘Civil Society Actors and Transnational Risk Regulation: The Challenge of Accountability’
‘Gendering Regulation’
‘Emotions and Regulation’

Speakers include:

Professor Mitchel Y. Abolafia, University at Albany, US, ‘Markets, Culture and Organisation’
Professor Mitu Gulati, Duke Law Faculty, US: ‘International Debt Regulation and Investor Behaviour’
Professor Paddy Ireland, Kent University ‘Neoliberal Ideology, Pension Privatization and Corporate Governance’
Dr. Aurora Voiculescu, Westminster University, ‘Privatizing Human Rights and Regulating Businesses through Codes of Conduct’
Dr. Petrina Schiavi, Regulatory Institutions Network, Australian National University, on ‘Trust and Legal Regulation’
Dr. Anna Hutchens, Regulatory Institutions Network, Australian National University, Australia: ‘Globalizing Fairtrade’,
Gary Wilson, Nottingham Trent University, UK, ‘Business Practice, Culture and Morality’
Dr. Lorraine Talbot, Warwick University, ‘Reconceptualising the Company’
Dr. Dania Thomas, School of Law, Keele University, UK: ‘From Allied to Argentina: Revisiting Property in Sovereign Debt’

If you wish to present a paper please contact Bettina Lange ( ) or Dania Thomas (

Further information at
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